DGK's Josh Kalis


While the new DGK video "Parental Advisory" just dropped, Josh Kalis switch backside noseblunts with the best of them

A few years ago Josh Kalis left Alien Workshop and joined his friend and fellow Philadelphian Stevie Williams at DGK -- and he's never felt more at home. "Parental Advisory" is his first full part since becoming a member of the Kayo family, so he spoke with ESPN.com by phone to discuss the ups and downs of getting his part done and to provide some insight into the film.

ESPN.com: This is your first part since joining DGK -- what was it like completing this part?
Kalis: It's rad and it's a good feeling. It's cool to be a part of anything DGK's doing right now. For me it was kind of hard. In the last two years I got hurt a couple of times, so as far as I'm concerned, my part wasn't what I wanted it to be, but at the same time I'm not complaining about it. It came out alright. It fits the situation pretty good.


Josh Kalis.

Were most of your clips filmed in Philadelphia?
No, I only had a couple clips in Philly really. My entire part was filmed in the US. That was one of the things I was going for, know what I mean? Nowadays so many skate videos and video parts require everyone to travel and I didn't really feel like traveling that much, so I wanted all my stuff to be in the US. The furthest I went from my house was to New York City.

What was your favorite clip from your part?
I never really thought about that, but probably it was the switch back tail front shove out at the island in San Francisco. I never understood why people don't film there because it's one of today's open spaces where kids hang out all day, everyday but you don't see too much footage from there. Plus that ledge is hard to skate. It's really hard to skate. I wish I saw other people skating that ledge more often and I was just psyched I got a trick on it because it's really hard to skate.

Is the ground rough or is there a bad run-up? What makes it so hard to skate?
Well the way I hit it, the run-up you have to carve into it all funky. The ledge itself was actually [made] with built-in skate stoppers, through these grooves cut into it and it's been grinded so much from bikers. The ledge is round and just raggedy, but it's still possible to do something dope.

In Parental Advisory you got your car stolen by some kids and then later a cop put you in handcuffs. What was it like acting out those scenes?
It was really fun. The cop was Salman Agah. We were all together the whole time so we were laughing together and making fun of each other. We filmed all those scenes at night from about eight to four in the morning. Those kids that jacked my car represent us when we were younger. It was fun. Their parents were around, joking around. It was actually a really good time.


Josh Kalis switch backside tailslides in San Francisco, Calif.

What's the concept behind the title?
I don't really know but if I was to guess I'd say [take it literally] because the video's got some rugged stuff in there. It's not for the weak of heart.

Tell us something we wouldn't know just from watching the video.
People probably don't know that all the footage we filmed as far as skateboarding, the majority of it came from day-to-day skating. There wasn't anything set up, you were just out skating with your boys. It's just raw street skating, nothing big and fancy. I'm just psyched on it. The feedback has been incredible. I'm hyped to be a part of it and hyped to be part of the Kayo family.

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