Ellington, Phelps, Plumb sound off

SOL Republic

Erik Ellington rocks his SOL Republic's along with Michael Phelps and Lizard King.

An acronym for "Soundtrack Of Life", Sol Republic Headphones now sponsors Erik Ellington and Mike "Lizard King" Plumb. Sol Republic is probably the only company that is backed by skateboarders, rappers and Olympians.

Ellington and Plumb are the latest athletes and taste makers to endorse the headphones brand. They join surfer Julian Wilson, DJ Rusko, rapper Exhibit and Olympic hero Michael Phelps as brand ambassadors for Sol Republic.

Ellington explained how the relationship got started, "Dom from Brooklyn Projects [skate shop] hooked it up. Everybody knows Dom from Headbanger's Ball. They approached him about wanting to get some skaters on the team and he suggested me and Lizard. So I sat down and talked to them and it seemed like a pretty rad deal."

Sol Republic is co-founded by three partners with a deep history in headphones and portable personal audio equipment. Sol Republic is focused on sound, style, durability, and comfort at an affordable price.

Ellington, who's an avid music fan, made sure the headphones were a quality product. "There's some pretty generic headphone companies out there that people skate for." Ellington said, "I wore headphones forever, so I thought if I'm going to ride for one I wanted them to at least be good. They're pretty good, when I put them on I can't hear what anybody else is saying."

Offered in two styles, the "Amp" earbuds model and on-ear "Tracks" models are both offered in HD as well as standard. In addition to their performance and sound what sets SOL Republic apart from their competition is their style. The components, drivers and wired that make up the headphones are interchangeable and come in a variety of colors. In addition the headband of the "Amp" model is made of a virtually indestructible propriety polymer called "flex tech", making them perfect for the rigors of skateboarding.

Sol Republic launched an action sports specific line last January at the Agenda Tradeshow, but have since become widely available at larger, non-endemic, national retailers. To learn more about the riders and personalities who endorse the brand or the product visit solrepublic.com.

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