Skate-dictions for 2013


Could 2013 see Nyjah Huston make a clean sweep of the contests series?

Bummer! The Mayans were wrong, we're still here and it's time to prepare for 2013! Guess I should start doing laundry -- I'll need clean underwear if I'm going to make it through this year's craziness in one piece. Here's a few things I predict happening in 2013.

1. Mo' Rappers, Mo' Problems
Lil' Wayne will convince more of his rapping friends to skate so they can start their own skate brands. By next December there will be an All-Star Skate Rap crew like the Avengers, but armed with similes. Expect a small bolt company from Bushwick Bill, a plus-sized skater clothing brand by Biz Markie and a skateboard company from Jeremy Rogers... oh wait.

2. Blood In The Water
Look for more mainstream footwear companies to chase a slice of the ever-shrinking skate shoe pie. Word on the street is there will be a skatable Crocs is in development, as well as Half Cab rip offs by Birkenstock. It won't be long before Nike is looked at as a core skate brand, since they have put the most time in of all the non-skate companies. Don't cry when the little guys are gone.

3. Plan B Video Finally Released.
Just kidding! 2014, fo sho, fo sho.

4. Nyjah Wins Everything
Street League, X Games, SOTY, Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest, New York Marathon -- Nyjah Huston is taking it all in 2013. If someone happens to beat him at anything the judges will most likely give Huston the trophy out of muscle memory. The only hope for the runner up is to wait for skateboarding to be in The Olympics and spike his Monster Energy Drink with PEDs and get him disqualified.

5. Evan Smith Goes Pro
Evan Smith should have gone pro with Nick Garcia. The only reason I can think of why Element Skateboards didn't turn Smith pro were they were smoking trees or waiting until 4/20 to do it. Aside from Smith here's a couple other guys that should have turned pro in 2012 but hopefully will be in 2013: Mark Suciu, Dakota Servold, Elijah Berle, Jake Donnelly, Felipe Gustavo, Sebo Walker and Youness Amrani. I wish I had the space to list all the guys that shouldn't be pro.

6. Year Of The Failed Comebacks
I see it all the time with my skateshop -- people look at us celebrating 10 years in business and think it's easy and that they can do it too. After seeing Guy Mariano's comeback part in Fully Flared and subsequent comeback-topper part in Girl and Chocolate's Pretty Sweet, I'm thinking a lot of old guys are going to start thinking they can do it too. The reality is Mariano works harder than most people and he was, and always will be, better then most guys his age.

7. Gilbert Crockett Makes 6 More Full Parts For The Internet
How many homie video full parts has Gilbert Crockett had in the past few years? A half dozen? Last year he put out a part shot completely with cellphones for a local Richmond, Virginia video appropriately called Cell Out and that joke footage was better than most anything that came out in 2012. In 2013, Venue, the shop Crockett rides for is putting out a video, which I'm sure he'll have a full part in, he'll probably have a few more homie parts in 2013 all while working on his Vans video part for 2014. Either Gilbert Crockett is the most prolific skater of the modern age or he a quadruplet and all his brothers rip and he's not telling us.


Gilbert Crockett frontside boardslides into 2013.

8. International Is The New California
For an industry once thought of as inherently Californian, skateboarding, like the NBA, has gone global. It's been a gradual rise over the past three decades since the early ambassadors, The Bones Brigade, took skating to every corner of the world, but in 2013 the X-Games will be held in Brazil, Barcelona, and Munich. The Maloof Money Cup has already been in South Africa and more international stops are in discussion. With skateboarding having grown beyond board-brands run out of garages, to being publicly traded on Wall Street, more money/participants is needed to feed the beast. America alone doesn't have enough funding to satiate the machine, so this year you'll see more international demo footage, more token international pros on U.S. brands and more focus on overseas than ever before. I better pick up a Rosetta Stone because I have no idea how to say "back tail" in German.

9. The Spotlight Is On Spotlight Productions
There's a reason this year is The Skatepark of Tampa's 20th Anniversary: they failed to grow up and grow old. The crew at SPOT still think and act like teenagers and they're still out in the streets and trenches with the youth-of-today. They know the names of the up-and-comers and they're still entrenched in skateboarding. That's the reason SPOT always throw the best contests -- they haven't cemented themselves in some bygone era, crying, "It was better back when..."

10. IASC Shrinks By 90 Percent
The International Association of Skateboard Companies decides to take my suggestion that everyone should have to be able to ollie at least one board to gain entrance into the esteemed meetings that determine the fate of skateboarding. They quickly repeal the rule when the overwhelming majority fail to clear 8" and are all standing in the hallway.

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