Face Time: Sebo Walker

Sebo Walker talks about his art show at Common Wealth skatepark, how he got on Lakai and traveling to Japan.

Sebo Walker's from the great northwest -- Salem, Ore. to be exact. Walker now lives in his van in Los Angeles chasing the skateboarding dream. While there's no question Walker is a ripping skateboarder he's also one of the most productive skaters you'll ever know. If he's not dismantling Stoner skatepark or in hitting the streets one trick at a time, he's probably painting something awesome on his grippe. Walker is 24-years-old and rides for Cals Pharmacy, Stacks, Autobahn, Lakai, Altamont flow, Drink Water, USKO, Footprint Insoles, Diamond Supply Co., Stance Socks and Mob Grip. ESPN.com sat down with Walker to get his side of the story about how he got on Lakai Footwear, his first trip overseas to Japan and what Drink Water is all about.

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