iPro lenses for your iPhones


The iPro lens system makes filming with your iPhone a blast, just ask Omar Salazar.

Century Optics has enlisted skateboarder Omar Salazar to launch their wide-angle iPro lens for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Over the last few years cellular phones have eliminated the need to carry a dedicated camera, but at a sacrifice to the image being photographed. Century Optic's introduction of this specialized auxiliary optical lens brings high resolution and contrast to digital cell photos.

Century Optics is a subdivision of Shneider-Kreuznach, renowned German optics manufacturer since 1913. Known around the world for their high quality and professional grade lenses, Century Optics is the gold standard.

The iPro case allows the user to attach the wide-angle lens, which has a secure bayonet mount like a traditional camera. The case can be mounted from either the right or left side onto the iPro's handle, which makes filming video footage smooth. The handle can also be mounted to any conventional tripod and it houses the lens when it's not being used.

The favored lens of skateboard filmers is the fisheye, or "death lens", which has been used in virtually every skate video in the last 25 years. The iPro wide-angle lens is sure to be a hit with skaters.

Alien Workshop pro and iPro collaborator Salazar attests, "I have been filming with the iPro "fish eye" lens for nearly two years. I use the iPro for everything -- from filming a trick, to capturing memorable moments. It fits in your pocket and shoots with convenience and quality all on your iPhone. With all the amazing filming apps available at the App store you can make amazing videos with professional quality!"

Salazar warns that skate fans should be on the lookout for, "upcoming video footage filmed on the iPro lens with Alien Workshop and myself." If the iPro promo video featuring Salazar and fellow Workshop team riders Jake Johnson and Blue Turner is any indication, the skating will be fast and the footage will look great.

A convenient time saver that provides quality images and footage, the Omar Salazar iPro Lens System is available for sale at alienworkshopstore.com.

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