Murawski's top 3 video parts


Marty Murawski noseslide pops out and reflects on his 3 favorite video parts.

One of the most exciting things about skateboarding these days is the large amount of variety. With the internet at everyone's finger tips, they're able to seek out and enjoy new and sometimes obscure skating from all over the world at press of a key.

What most people don't know is that behind each video part are days, weeks, months and sometimes years of hard work. In this segment we'll take a look at some of the video parts that have inspired todays top pros.


Marty Murawski in Osaka, Japan.

For most of us, our first introduction to Marty Murawski came in the form of an independent video that made waves in 2005. Mike Stanfield and Aka Mikendo put together "Filmbot Files" which included a slew of skaters like Daryl Angel and Derek Fukuhara, who are both professional skateboarders today. It was in this video that Murawski first showcased his mixture of technical skating with a certain power that was matched only by those in the top tier. From there Murawski spent time on flow until Blueprint and DVS stepped up to the plate and he went from flow to pro over night. Murawski has carved his niche in the stone of skateboarding and with a new DVS video part in the works we decided to catch up with him to talk about his top 3 favorite video parts of all time.

Pat Duffy in "Questionable"
"I skated until I was about nine and then took a year off because my brothers stopped taking me skating with them. At the time, there were not many of us in school doing it and so I just became a fat kid (laughs). It was the day that my brothers bought Questionable and I remember walking to the outside fridge to get sweets or chocolate or ice cream and passing by them watching it. It was the part where he grinds across and down that long flat bar off the bank and I was just blown away. So I stood behind the couch and watched the rest of the video. After it was over I watched his part over and over and over again. The next day, I was talking to my friend, who is still one of my best friends to this day, about how we both wanted to start skating again and looking back it was because of that video part that I am still skating today."

Tom Penny in "High Five"
"I say this one because that was during the time when I was the kid hanging out at the skate shop constantly. So everytime they got a new video in they would call me and I would take the bus down to watch it. They let me know because at that time I wanted to watch every single skate video. I was at the shop one day and the video came in right before they were about to close. The guy running the shop had (Tom) Penny's part on and I was like, "Woah dude, you have to rewind that!" So I watched it about three more times before the guy working told me that he wanted to go home and I could just borrow it for the night. So I went home and watched his part over and over again. I even had my hair like that. That part made me want to skate a lot more relaxed (laughs)."

PJ Ladd in "PJ Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life"
"At the time the skating that I was into was kind of ledge and manual stuff… sort of the way I skate now (laughs). The stuff that was happening then was all pretty much wonderkid handrail type of skating so when this part came out it was just so refreshing. It was exactly the type of skating that I wanted to see. I remember reading something about how that part was so influential to a lot of skaters and how it really sort of took skating in a different direction. It was awesome watching him just push down the street. It will definitely be my favorite PJ part forever."

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