Babydubz wheel bling

Babydubz Wheels are rims for your board.

Some professional skateboarders have dedicated jewelers who make their bling, others have rim sponsors for their Cadillacs, but now they can have chrome alloys for their skateboards with Babydubz Wheels -- ready to roll.

Babydubz Wheels is the brainchild of Desmond Martin. He recounts, "I had the most visual dream ever. Everything was so real. I was there. I was riding on my board; I looked down at my wheels and noticed rims. When I woke up, I couldn't sit still because this idea was consuming me. I went into my garage and started to look around for materials to create a prototype, and found some modeling clay, made the rims I saw in my dream and while they were drying, I went to the hardware store and bought some chrome spray paint. It was magic. As the chrome spray covered this simple clay mold, in my heart I saw my dream quite literally come to life." Four years later Martin is close to making that dream a reality.

While working with an established manufacturer, Martin made prototypes and built up the Babydubz strategy. Still needing additional capital to finish the wheel tooling, he turned to the public for the remaining funds. Martin put together a pitch on and as of December 15th, raised enough money to complete the tooling and pour the wheels.

Made in Southern California, the patented skateboard rims are constructed of aluminum and come in four distinct styles: "Dual Blade," "Guillotine," "Ninja Stars" and "Knuckles." The rims are offered in chrome, gold plate, anodized colors and matte black. They're available with black (resembling auto tires), white, pink and blue urethane.

"I'm looking to change the game of skateboarding, but I'm not looking to change the ride." Martin explains, "Babydubz is all about taking ordinary skateboard wheels and developing them to have an extraordinary look. They do not affect the bearings, the board, or the ride. The way they're designed, they are strictly cosmetic, and the bearings are completely separate from the aluminum rim."

The Babydubz team is Alvaro Urzua from Anahiem, Calif. and Mike Berdis from Erie, Pa., but with pro skateboarder's penchant for flare there will likely be some additions to the team once the product hits skateshops.

The urethane is being poured this week so Babydubz Wheels will be available online and at Programme Skate & Sound in Fullerton, Calif., and Suburban Blend in Jamestown, NY. To learn more about Babydubz Wheels and apparel head over to

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