'Stop Filming Me!'

From California's Bay Area, Alex Kissinger premiered his video 'Stop Filming Me' at Metro Skateshop.

Young filmmaker extraordinaire, Alex Kissinger (aka: Red Helmet), premiered his full length video, "Stop Filming Me!," at Metro skate shop in Pleasant Hill, Calif. Metro has hosted tons of local videos such as "Buzz Kill," "Gnarcotics," "Narrow Minded" and "Gnarmageddon," along with larger videos such as TWS's "Hallelujah" and Think Skateboard's "Business as Usual."

Joel Jutagir, store owner, explained, "Anything made local always brings a big crowd." Such was the case Sunday, Jan. 6th, when the Metro parking lot was full of excited video goers who came to root on some of the East Bay's (east of San Francisco) best talent.

The video "Stop Filming Me," represents a lot of East Bay spots and features: Dwayne Galloway, Sean Meeker, Norman Villacorte, Jesse Andres, and Kevin Sandoval. The video definitely has a feel-good vibe: lots of high fives, friend sections, minimal b.s., and even includes some ripping from Kissinger himself.

Kissinger, who's been working on "Stop Filming Me!" for the past few years plans on selling the copies soon. He made his first video "Cheese Pizza" when he was 15. Now at 22 when asked what's changed since "Cheese Pizza" Kissinger replied, "I wasn't even really into filming. I thought it was really boring -- I just wanted to make a video and put all my friends in it," He continues, "now I love filming and it's all I think about and I still love skating just as much and try to do it whenever, right now I feel like I have a shot at this filming thing." When asked what's next Kissinger replied, "To get a job filming skating!"

'Stop Filming Me!'

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