'Wizard Bloody Wizard'


Anakin Senn, gap up to tailslide; Flowershop, San Francisco, Calif.

Sunday, Feb. 10, Blood Wizard Skateboards held a sneak peek premiere in San Francisco, Calif. of the film "Wizard Bloody Wizard" before the world premiere on Thrasher's website, Feb. 15. "Wizard Bloody Wizard" had been in the works for a few years, so after shooting, filming and going on many trips, I was really eager to see it come together. The video pulled in a huge crowd and filled up The Parkside, a common venue for premiere/concert combos in Potrero Hill.

'Wizard Bloody Wizard'

Blood Wizard rider Jack Given's band, Rock Bottom, kicked things off with a great set. After their set, the screen and projector were being set up and it was time for the video. There ended up being technical difficulties with two different projectors that wouldn't play the DVD, but the backup plan kicked in, and the venue rolled out its flat screen, with not a bad seat in the house.

Mike Manzoori, cameraman and editing wizard, was behind "Wizard Bloody Wizard's" editing (and did his fair share of filming.) Manzoori held nothing back and put together another amazing video. The new blood on the team, Chris Gregson, starts the video off with a bang -- ripping Washington Street skatepark and many other spots with reckless abandon. Jack Given and the Senn's (Anakin and Julian) shared a gnarly part while the boys from Sacramento (Rob Mason and Tristan Moss) tore up everything in their paths. Nich Kunz had a great, real SF style part with great street lines and plenty of bangers. Jerry Gurney brought an epic, well-rounded part mixed with pools, barriers, parks and street. Toad and Ben Krahn shared another great section and Drew Dezort wrapped things up with a non-stop, jaw dropping bag of hammers. The crowd was yelling and applauding the whole way through.

To end the night Bad S---, (Jake Phelps,Tony and Ashley Trujillo's band) played a set -- their first SF show since 2009. Everyone got one more rush of energy and ran around in the mosh pit. A great end to a great night. Thanks to Blood Wizard and everyone involved with the video.

To watch the entire video go here.

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