The Greco 'Hammer'

Courtesy of Supra

Jim Greco releases his new Supra shoe, the "Hammer."

Supra recently launched Jim Greco's fifth signature shoe, aptly named the Hammer. The low top combines the aesthetic of a classic deck shoe with the innovation of a modern skate shoe.

Designed to be wearable and functional, the Hammer features a single piece suede vamp for maximum durability, a SUPRAFOAM midsole for cushioning and a tapered sole for maximum board-feel.

Greco, who'd been helping design, test and perfect the Hammer for the last year, said, "I just wanted a really simple looking lightweight shoe that protected my feet without compromising board feel and that was able to skate directly out of the box without any break in time."

Courtesy of Supra

The "Hammer" by Supra.

Skateboarding fans expect Greco to be fiercely determined on his board and fairly outrageous off it. Known for his wild gear choices and sometimes sketchy behavior, Greco has also helped to evolve skateboarding's vocabulary -- coining the phrase "drop a hammer," as standard skateboarding terminology for landing an epic trick.

Along with his two hammer tattoos, Greco has had countless board graphics featuring hammers also. He defines a Hammer as, "overcoming something difficult in your life or achieving something you have always wanted to achieve -- doing something you have always longed to do -- so it has many uses in those regards." Greco continued, "For me it is usually something I've been wanting to do on my skateboard -- a certain trick. But it also can means bringing some idea into reality -- that is a hammer."

Stoked on the release of his latest pro model and energized by the impending deadline for the upcoming Deathwish video, Greco is looking forward to a year of "hammers".

The Hammer shoe is currently available in two stylish color-ups with more options landing this summer. To get your hands on a pair and drop some hammers of your own, head over to your local skateshop or

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