Caples wins Damn Am

The 2013 Volcom Damn Am contest is a wrap and Curren Caples has taken home the win. Ripping around the freshly built course at the Volcom warehouse, Caples looked like he had been skating the park for years.

After two days of qualifying the cut was made to 17 from each day. The number one qualifier from each day, Curren Caples and Brodie Penrod, received the "golden ticket," which essentially gave them a free pass to the finals.

The semi-finals consisted of a jam format of two 60 second runs, with the best run counting. The top 10 overall meet up with the two golden ticket winners. The stand outs were Trevor Colden and Jereme Knibbs. Knibbs skated fast and found lines unlike the rest, making the tight sections that appeared unskateable at first glance, seem easy. Colden looked confident and comfortable with high-speed frontside bluntslides down the hubba and controlled flip tricks, which helped him earn his way into the top spot heading into the finals.


Curren Caples with a high speed noseblunt slide into 1st place.

The top 10 met up with the two golden ticket winners but this time they were given three 60-second runs with the best run counting. Adriano Lachovski, who came all the way from Brazil, had a flawless third run, mixing both technical and gnarly tricks. He may have won if he had not gotten a muscle cramp that took him out at the end of his run for about 10 or 15 seconds before trying his last trick, which he landed flawlessly. Lachovski ended up in third place.

The second place finalist was Louie Lopez. Lopez's growth spurt prompted more power and confidence as he skated like a true veteran and utilized the entire course. His consistency was on point and with tricks like nosegrinds off the tight quarter pipe and fakie flips down the big seven stair, Lopez was able to lock down second place.

Although it was a tough cut, Curren Caples won the contest without much debate. The key to taking the top spot is doing the best tricks possible and staying on your board until the clock runs out -- Caples did exactly that. He was hitting every transition and getting the tough lines that most of the skaters only dreamt about. On top of all his transition mastery he was able to do full speed frontside flips down the stairs and noseblunts down the rail, without breaking a sweat. Hopefully this is just the start to a great year from Curren Caples.

Check out this video of how the Volcom park got built.

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