The Catfish Cody McEntire


Cody "Catfish" McEntire switch kickflips a rail into the streets of San Francisco.

Cody McEntire, the unheard of Texan, was put on the radar after winning the Tampa Am contest in 2006. Back then McEntire was chewing tobacco, rocking oversized t-shirts and getting attention from a variety of sponsors who all wanted a piece of the next big thing. Nowadays he's toned down his double extra large look, produced a few video parts, slapped on some tattoos and he's even made some sponsorship moves. caught up with "Catfish" to see what waters he might be swimming into. Hey Cody, so where you at right now and what are you wearing?
McEntire: I'm just in the car riding back from skating. I'm wearing clothes. Ha

Let's talk about your last video part, "Business As Usual." Did you get a lot of positive feed back?
I've had a few people tell me they were stoked on that part, but most people just mention the "Smoke and Mirrors" part. Maybe more people saw that video? Either way I'm hyped.

You recently parted ways with your sponsor Think Skateboards. Do you have any comments about being a free agent?
Not really. It was cool being apart of it for so long, but things just needed to change I guess. 

Future sponsorship plans?
I'm not too sure yet? I'm still going to keep skating and having fun. That's the only reason I skate. It's nice being sponsored but you can't lose sight of why you started skating. I'll skate forever weather or not I ride for a company.

Your still hucking your carcass down stairs even if you weren't getting paid?
For sure! Like I said, skating is for yourself! I was doing it before I rode for anyone and I'll be doing it after. 


Cody McEntire backside Smith grinds in the heart of Texas.

Just last year you joined Vox Footwear -- any plans on a pro shoe?
Maybe? I think I'm having a color way come out but I'm not too sure. I'm just stoked to have shoes to skate. I'm not too worried about it. 

Your filming for the X Games Real Street -- how did that come about?
Yeah, Mike Sinclair hit me up about it. I'm super stoked that he asked me to be apart of it! Filming is coming along well so far. I still have a bit to go though. 

Where is the majority of your footage being filmed at?
It's been filmed in California and Texas mostly.

Do you think you've got a shot at the $50,000 purse?
Honestly, I have no idea. I'm just glad I get to do something like this. It's not really about the money to me, I guess. I just want to be happy with my part. That's what's most important to me.

What did you think about last year's Real Street Parts?
It was pretty sick. Jaws' part was f'd up!! That part blew my mind!

I never knew Catfish was a Jaws fan. Do you have any other sea creatures you support?
Ummm, I'm not too sure. I respect the hell out of guys that catch those huge catfish with their bare hands. It's called noodling. I guess that has nothing to do with sea creatures but it's still super gnarly!

What's in store with you for 2013?
The same thing as always -- just have fun on my skateboard and not take anything for granted. Oh, and more "yo" flips to keep people talking s---. Haha!

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