Shamrockin' Kicks

Courtesy of Lions Gate

Ye ol' leprechaun shoes for St. Patrick's Day!

There's a little known secret in skate footwear, and he's only two feet tall. Every spring, brands release shoes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but they're all the work of a magical leprechaun. caught up with the mischievous Irish shoemaker at his favorite watering hole.

Courtesy of Vans/Supra/Lakai

Vans, Supra and Lakai.

After ordering a pint, I began the interview, inquiring, "What's so special about Mar. 17?" With a twinkle in his eye, he answered,

It's me birthday
The feast of Saint Paddy
When ye wear me green shoes
They'll ride like a Caddy

The leprechaun giggled and whipped out a cloth to polish the silver buckles on his shoes. I asked him, "It seems like you've had a big year, making so many different shoes; is it worth all the work?" He replied,

I work for the brands that are tryin'
To sell shoes that the kiddies are buyin'
They pay me in gold
For the shoes that are sold
Now I've got more coin than Ryan

Snickering, the leprechaun continued,

I can't lie
Truth be told
I love these shoes
More than me gold

Courtesy of Supra/Converse/Etnies

Supra, Converse and Etnies.

He banged on the bar, jostling the empty bottles he'd already gotten through, and he ordered another from the barkeep. Still nursing my beer, I said, "So you're a big whiskey drinker?" To which he raised his bottle for a toast, saying,

For one thousand years
My kind's been in fables
But if ye challenge me drinking
You'll be under the tables

He threw his little head back and laughed at his own joke, taking another swig off his bottle. Trying to steer the interview back on track before the wee cobbler passed out, I asked, "You've made shoes for a lot of skaters. Who're some of your favorites?" Smiling, he said, in his sing-song voice, like he was reading from a children's story,

There once was a skater named Jerry
His slams were quite legendary
He'd blame his board
And shout at the Lord
Now his arse is as red as a cherry

The leprechaun laughed loudly and his little cheeks blushed as he hugged his bottle close to his chest and continued,

There once was a boy named Nate
He bought a board to skate
After sacking real hard
He pulled his card
And now he's a nice girl named Kate

With that, the leprechaun fell off his bar stool into a heap of howling laughter on the floor. I knelt down to help him up onto his feet right as the bar's jukebox unleashed the opening horns of House Of Pain's classic "Jump Around." Before I knew it the leprechaun was up on his feet, had climbed his bar stool and was dancing along the bar, pouring shots and singing, "Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin." Realizing the interview was over, I finished my beer and yelled, "Happy Birthday, leprechaun!"

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