Shane Heyl raps with Lil Wayne


Nowison for Shane Heyl as he makes an appearance on "I Am Not A Human Being ll."

Today's release of Lil Wayne's newest album, "I Am Not A Human Being ll," features some of the biggest names in hip-hop, such as Dr. Dre, 2 Chainz, Drake, Juicy J, and an unexpected collaboration with professional skateboarder Shane Heyl.

Heyl skates for Baker Skateboards, is the singer for The Goat & The Occasional Others (a band founded by X Games medalist Andrew Reynolds) and the owner of the skate brand Shake Junt.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's Shake Junt tattoo.

"[Lil Wayne] reached out to me and opened the door for me to walk through, and I was like 'Let's do this!'" explained Heyl about his invitation to contribute to the song "Hello."

Lil Wayne became skateboarding's favorite Grammy Award-winning novice when he announced in August that he was quitting the rap game to focus on skating. Becoming friends with Baker pros Theotis Beasely and Braydon Szafranski, Wayne was seen taking slams and landing tricks at the Baker Boys private skatepark. The Cash Money recording artist became so psyched on skate brands Baker, Deathwish and Shake Junt that he tattooed their logos on his hands and face. Taking his admiration one step further, Wayne reached out to Heyl to collaborate on his new record.

Heyl received the track with only two days to lay down his lyrics. Recorded at the home studio of skateboarder Brian Michaud, who recently earned a degree in record engineering, Heyl hit the microphone running with his enthusiasm for skateboarding and music spilling all over the track. Listen for his rapid-fire verse shouting "Shake Junt," "Nowison" and "Get there while you can."

Though IANAHBll was released today, Heyl heard the finished track "Hello" for the first time Monday in the Baker team van. "We had a big premier in the skate tank. Fifteen homies in the tank wilding out," Heyl recalled. "Music and skateboarding go hand in hand, it's fun. Props to Lil Wayne."

With all the camaraderie between Heyl and Lil Wayne, perhaps fans can hope for Weezy to be featured on an upcoming track from The Goat & The Occasional Others.

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