Real Women: Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni wins gold in the judged portion of X Games Real Women 2013, the all-video part contest running in conjunction with X Games Barcelona.

As time moves on, skateboarding continues to progress and grow. As more and more skate parks pop up, the array of participants expands. In 2013, it seems that women's skateboarding is pushing forward. With the addition of Real Women to ESPN's Real Street series, the girls have been given an opportunity to showcase their skills outside of their contest runs.

Leticia Bufoni is one of the women who is helping to raise the bar of what women can and should be doing. Taking a moment during her travels in between X Games, Bufoni spoke with us about her thoughts on the new international stops of X Games and much more.


Brazil's pride. After a big win down in Brazil, how are you feeling going into this upcoming X Games in Barcelona?
I have been really busy working on recovering from my ankle injury. I'm really stoked to be invited to skate in the X Games park competition!

How did it feel to win the X Games in your home country?
This was really special for me to win my first gold medal in Brazil. I want to thank my family, friends and all my fans for all the support!

Are you stoked about the new X Games format with all the new international stops?
It's great that there's a lot of new stops for X Games, but I wish they had women's competition at every stop.

Barcelona is a mecca for skateboarding. Are you going to stick around at any of the upcoming stops after the contest to street skate?
Barcelona is one of my favorite cities to skate. I wish I could stay longer but I'm heading to Paris, France, the next week to skate in another competition.

Do you have a pre-contest routine with special eating, working out, stretching, etc.?
Not really. I just make sure I'm focused and ready to have fun skating.

What did you think of the new street league course?
The course that Rob and the crew put together is always amazing. I'm stoked to be able to ride on such an incredible course.

Who would you say is your biggest competition with the other women in the X Games?
I think everyone is out to have a great time and just skate well.

Do you prefer skating exclusively women's events or do you enjoy going to events like Tampa am/pro?
I'm down to skate all events. I hope to get invited to more.

You're in the new Real Women event as well. How long did you film for the part?
It's pretty awesome to be part of the Real Women competition this year. It took us a couple months to put it together. Thanks to Hans Molenkamp, Eric Sorensen, Cuong Leung and the rest of the Osiris crew for helping me out on this.

Was there any trick in that part in particular that was really difficult?
They were all pretty tough because we had a pretty tight schedule we were on.

How did you approach filming for Real Women? Did you have a list of tricks you wanted to do or did you just go out filming and see what you came up with?
I had a few spots in mind, but for the most part, we just went out and skated every day.

Who was your favorite Real Street part this past summer?
Nyjah's part was sick! Truly inspiring.

You're certainly an ambassador for women's skating stepping up the level with rails and gaps. Did you look up to other girls like Elissa Steamer and Alexis Sablone, or was it the guys that made you want to skate the way you do?
I am a huge fan of both Elissa and Alexis and totally look up to both. People like Andrew Reynolds have had a huge influence on my skating for sure.

Are you working on any other current projects?
Nothing major. I'm just really focused on getting my ankle to 100 percent and skating a lot more. Thanks Dr. Dave!

Best of luck to you at this upcoming X Games!
Yeah, yeah!

Vote now for your favorite in the X Games Real Women contest and stay tuned to to find out the judges' favorite and fan favorite during X Games Barcelona, taking place May 16-19.

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