Super Crown Bling

Courtesy of Street League

Nixon's $20,000 watch, set with over 60 diamonds, for the Super Crown champ Chris Cole.

An NFL Super Bowl ring costs roughly $5,000. In comparison, the Nixon Street League Super Crown Championship watch, given to the annual SLS champ, costs a whopping $20,000. Where most skateboarding contests present the winner with an oversized check and a wooden plaque, Street League founder Rob Dyrdek made sure the money and the bling were top notch.

Chris Cole, who won the 2013 Street League Super Crown Championship in Newark, N.J., on Sunday, now gets bragging rights as the overall best skater in the 2013 SLS season and receives his Nixon watch, which has 60 hand-placed diamonds.

Instrumental to the production of the Super Crown watch is Joe Babcock, category manager of technical products at Nixon, who was trying to recreate a crown in the form of a watch. "I think what this watch does more than anything is exemplify a world champion prize watch," he said in a video. "It would be like a heavyweight boxing champion or winning the Super Bowl."

The watch took nearly nine months to make and its design was influenced by the Street League course.

"The main objective with this watch was to build something insane and something epic that replicated or had some inspiration points from the course itself," said Babcock.

Dyrdek also worked closely with Nixon's designers. "Rob sent over a design deck showing the Street League course and we worked with him for six to eight months on the design, coming up with a variety of ideas and 3D prototypes. It was a pretty in-depth process," said Babcock.

That process required them to use 3D computer software and a 3D printer. "We put it into a 3D computer system," Babcock continued. "From there we tuned the dimensions and printed it out on our 3D printer. That allows us to get a firsthand look at what this watch will look like before we've gone into any physical development."

The finished product is considered as intricate as other sports' championship jewelry -- and just as unique. "This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind watch," said Babcock. "It's without a doubt a trophy on your wrist."

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