'Strange New Feelings'

Ed Templeton

Kevin Barnett is raising funds on Kickstarter.com to finish a documentary entitled "Strange New Feelings: A Film About Ed Templeton."

A new Ed Templeton documentary, by filmmaker Kevin Barnett, is currently in production.

The movie, dubbed "Strange New Feelings," chronicles Templeton's progression as an artist transitioning away from his career as a professional skateboarder and finding his footing in the contemporary art world. The title comes from Templeton's 2009 solo show of the same name, but Barnett sees it as "an appropriate swipe to illustrate where [Templeton] is going."

Barnett has worked with the iconic skater for more than a decade. As the primary filmer for Templeton's skateboard company, Toy Machine, he's had an unobstructed angle on Templeton as they've toured the world via skateboarding. Through Barnett's keen eye, the documentary looks to expose an intimate portrait of an enigma who is typically reserved and thoughtful, allowing his skating or his creations to speak for him.

[Ed's] a fascinating individual who's not shy about putting himself out there ... He's not some reclusive genius.
Kevin Barnett

"You can't talk about Ed without talking about skating, but the main focus is his art," says Barnett of the film's premise. "Since I work for his skateboard company and there's already [profile-based webisode] stuff like [Vice.com's] 'Epicly Later'd' out there, I didn't want to do a 'Hey, check out how cool this guy is, who also happens to be my boss.' I want to tell the story of Ed's art, how he's doing it, why he's doing it and what makes him him."

Much of Templeton's work is an incredibly personal glimpse into his private world through photographs, drawings and paintings of his friends, teammates and wife, Deanna. Within the context of his artwork he illuminates and frames broader ideas about innocence, taboo, youth, sexuality, rebellion and dogma. "Strange New Feelings" turns the focus to demystifying Templeton through candid interviews with his family and contemporaries in both skateboarding and art, featuring Deanna, C.R. Stecyk, Tobin Yelland and Leo Romero, among others.

"Strange New Feelings" is neither produced nor financed by Templeton; this is Barnett's baby, and he is funding through Kickstarter to help him to finish the film. Templeton has, however, donated some enticing items to help incentivize prospective online backers, including original artwork, limited-edition photographs and screen prints, a signed copy of Templeton's sold-out book, "Deformer," and even a shout-out, by name, in the film's end credits.

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