Salomon Freeski TV hits the Alps by RV

The recipe to ski movie making is quite simple. Mix some extraordinary conditions with a talented roster of skiers, stir that together with a crew of hardworking cinematographers and voilà, you've got yourself a perfect cocktail of ski movie magic. But what happens when those conditions never come, and heck, even the crew doesn't quite pan out like planned? Episode 5 of this season's Salomon Freeski TV runs straight into this exact scenario and the outcome, is well, not what you'd think.

Setting off to the Western Alps along the French, Swiss and Italian borders, Mike Douglas, Henrik Windstedt and Kaj Zackrisson load up into a pair of rented RVs on the ultimate skier's holiday. The snow conditions weren't ideal. No matter.

That's because often a single aspect of skiing gets overlooked in the ski video production process: That's the simple truth that skiing is fun in nearly all types of conditions. I remember days of smiles in the rain and plenty of laughs while sliding uncontrollably on ice with my friends. So while this episode hits a ton of road blocks in the path, it captures that critical aspect of ski movie making, the idea that sometimes the best recipes are the ones that aren't followed.

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