The Big Picture

Chris Logan and Parker White, mainstays in Level 1 Productions' annual ski films, will be shooting their own webisode series this upcoming season. Entitled "The Big Picture," Logan and White, old friends from their days at Mount Snow in Vermont, will head out on the road with Logan's older brother, Sean, to produce their own brand of high-quality, monthly webisodes.

Add these two to the list of defectors from Level 1 and also to the rising numbers of pro skiers branching out to create their own film projects. Former Level 1 skiers Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon headed out on their own to film the B&E Show with Inspired Media. Tom Wallisch was also absent from this year's film to produce "The Wallisch Project" with cinematographer Kyle Decker. The turnover gives way for a new generation of skiers to get their skiing in one of the more influential ski film companies in the business. We sat down with Logan recently in Colorado to talk about the new project. What is "The Big Picture?"
Chris Logan: "The Big Picture" is a film project Parker and I are working on with a bunch of our friends. It'll all be filmed and edited by my brother. We want to show what goes into what we do. It'll be us being us and skiing.

What made you decide to start this and also leave Level 1?
It wasn't anything on Level 1's part. Everything with them has been more than I could have ever asked for. Parker and I have talked about doing this for a long time, back in high school even. We continued to get more serious about it, got the support from our sponsors to do it, so it became, 'Why wouldn't we do this?'

Are you making a full movie to go with the webisodes?
We're going to be putting out edits throughout the season, once a month. Throughout the month, we'll be putting clips out on social media. We'll put it all together for a short mini-movie. We'll reuse stuff and maybe save some stuff that hasn't been seen.

Are you excited to work with your brother on this project?
Definitely. After doing years of Montage edits at Mammoth, I wanted to do work on some stuff with him on a more serious level. Try to get him some money for the edits instead of having him working bartending. I want to have him come on some real trips.

Do you have any locations you'd like to shoot?
We're hoping to go to Montana soon. It's good up there. We'll just go with the flow, chase snow.

Any chance for your sister, Devon, to make any of the edits?
If she's lucky [laughs].

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