Traveling Circus -- East Coast rain

This episode of Line Traveling Circus started off on a road trip around upstate New York, picking up skiers Cole Drexler, Will Wesson, Sämi Ortlieb, Erik Olson and filmmaker Shane Mcfalls. Our destination: Vermont. We now had six people, only five seats and mounds of gear crammed into the Line Traveling Circus van.

Sugar Bush's terrain park was closed after heavy rain followed by a day of freezing temperatures, so we decided to drive three hours south to Ian Compton's home resort of Mount Snow, Vt. We woke up the next morning to pouring rain. The seven of us took a vote and decided to head to the dollar store to grab ponchos, then drive back to Mount Snow. The cheap ponchos didn't really help keep us dry and after a few hours in the rain, we called it quits. We split up into two cars and set out on a long, wet drive to Pennsylvania.

The van rolled into Mcfalls' uncle's house near Bear Creek, Pa., around 9 p.m. We were greeted with four large pizzas and two dozen wings. The next morning we packed up the remaining pizza, drove to Bear Creek and spent most of the day trying to film one continuous line of tricks.

The weather was finally cooperating and after a fun day at Bear Creek we made the move to New Jersey, where Mountain Creek gave us a condo to stay in so we finally got a chance to dry out our stuff and a place to shower. We spent the next day and night skiing the park while trying to avoid large groups of people from New York City. With only a few days left to film, we packed up the van again and moved out in the morning to our next destination.

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