Checking in with Tim Durtschi

Tim Durtschi is in the middle of a winning streak. Earlier this winter at the Powder Video Awards, he won Best Male Performance for his segment in Teton Gravity Research's 2013 film, "Way Of Life" and he won Best Natural Air for his shot in Field Productions' "Supervention." In January, he was a part of the winning North American team at the Skiers Cup contest in Switzerland. Next fall, Durtschi will again appear in TGR's newest release. We managed to track him down in France to talk about filming for his own webisode series, the Durtschi Diaries, his involvement with Saga Outerwear and more.

You've been filming with both Teton Gravity Research and Field Productions in recent years. With those film companies spanning two different continents, how was it working for both of them?
The Norwegian crew of Field Productions is super fun and I actually met them while filming for TGR in Haines, Alaska. Field Productions' movies originate out of Norway, but they like to travel around the world, especially during their two-year project that was "Supervention," which came out last fall. For that movie, I traveled with them to both New Zealand and Alaska. Those trips were super fun and those guys are really creative, so it was really cool to be a part of that movie.

How was it working with someone like Even Sigstad from Field Productions, who is at the top of both the urban game as an athlete and the production of the movies as a filmer as well?
I think that's really cool. I first knew Even as a skier not knowing how involved he was with the production. Through being on a couple of trips with them it was really eye opening to see how those guys operate and run their movie. Field Productions operate a lot differently than TGR since they are so much younger in the filmmaking game. Despite that, they really know what they're doing with incredible production values proving that.

David Malacrida/Atomic

Tim Durtschi skiing and filming earlier this winter in Les Arcs, France.

Looking back, what have been some of the highlights of your last few winters?
Getting to go to Fantasy Camp with TGR has to be one of my overall standouts. Every year TGR goes to a new location that hasn't really been filmed before and to ski mountains that haven't really been skied before. The first season I wasn't allotted a space on the trip, but I got my invite last season, which to me was a huge accomplishment. It felt so good getting that invite and being part of such a trip. I was there for two weeks and I can't wait to get on some big heli trips in the future. I've been skiing on heli trips in the past, but to get the invite on one of the biggest trips that goes down in the world is pretty cool.

In terms of bringing creativity to the backcountry, we saw you attempt a switch backflip this winter at the Swatch Skiers Cup in January in Zermatt, Switzerland. Is that something you want to keep on progressing?
Yeah, totally. I had a pretty standout film segment in Poor Boyz Productions' "Everyday is a Saturday," where I was throwing a lot of tricks that haven't really been done in the backcountry. Being creative and pushing what can be achieved in the backcountry is my biggest goal each season. This is one of the biggest parts of my skiing and will always be.

In terms of filming, how has this season been?
I've been filming this season mainly with TGR. And I've filmed a little bit for my web series, Durtschi Diaries, and have skied a bunch with my friends in and around Utah. It's always a whirlwind when the filming season kicks in so I've enjoyed my time skiing with my friends, which to me is one of the best times of the year.

Last question: How are things at Saga?
Saga is great. I've been a part of the company since it began and have always been impressed by what the guys there -- Jordan and Austin -- come up with in terms of new styles and also upping the technical aspects of the outerwear at the same time.

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