Team Newschoolers

Skiers: LJ Strenio, Gus Kenworthy, Matt Walker
Videographers: Duncan Lake, Kevin Steen

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In the months before the Jon Olsson Super Sessions, members of the freestyle skiing website reviewed and voted on one-minute video contest submissions to determine what three entrants would travel to Åre to represent the first-ever Team Newschoolers. It is thus that Gus Kenworthy, Matt Walker, and LJ Strenio came together to compete in Sweden this spring.

The trio might have left the gate the youngest, least experienced, and least well funded team. But over the two weeks spanned by JOSS, their positive attitudes, superior work ethics, and virtuosic skiing skills proved more than enough to compensate for their aforementioned disadvantages. At the culmination, the new crew proudly found themselves tied with Team Norway, last year's champions, in the second-place slot.

ESPN Freeskiing talked with Team Newschoolers member Gus Kenworthy about his experience, and his team's excellent performance.

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