Is it worth the risk?

This winter was one of the most devastating of all winters with too many athletes enduring season-ending injuries and others seeing their lives come to a premature end. Many have asked the question, "Is it worth it?" As an athlete in this sport, I can only answer with an affirmative yes. Yes, the risk is worth it to be able do what I love and to live my dreams.

Obstacles and setbacks are part of life. There's not a single person out there who can live a fulfilling life without experiencing one or more of these proverbial bumps on the road. As an athlete those setbacks often come in the form of injury. For Jon Cheever (boardercross), Meg Olenick (ski slopestyle) and myself, enduring a setback was a reality this winter, and sadly each of us have been through such setbacks before. So, why do we keep coming back?

This video, brought to you from, seeks to shed some light on that question.

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