Sheffield Ski Village burns down

Christian Van Hanja/ESPN Images

James Woods grew up skiing at Sheffield Ski Village.

A dryslope ski area in England called Sheffield Ski Village burned down on Sunday, April 29, according to reports from England's South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue department. The ski area is where Winter X Games Ski Slopestyle medalist James Woods grew up skiing.

"This is so sad. Sheffield Ski Village burnt down last night. I grew up here," wrote James Woods on Twitter.

Firefighters were called the scene around 1 a.m. Sunday, and arrived to find the main wood building on fire. Five fire engines were called to the scene. Nobody was injured in the blaze.

A second fire on Monday destroyed part of the ski lift, according to the BBC, which has reported that one of the fires may have been started deliberately but that investigations are still underway.

"There is very little remaining of the building," said the fire department's incident commander Stewart Nicholson.

Despite that, Sheffield Ski Village general manager Vicky Lloyd told the BBC, "As soon as the site is safe ... we are hoping that the slopes will reopen as soon as possible -- maybe in the next couple of weeks."

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