Kenworthy's new trick

Gus Kenworthy tries a new double off a rail at Blackcomb, BC.

As the summer season on the Whistler Blackcomb glacier comes to an end, Gus Kenworthy wanted to wrap it up with something to remember. On Tuesday, July 24, Kenworthy landed a new, never-been-done-before trick at Momentum Ski Camps on the Whistler Blackcomb glacier. The trick was a variation of a double flip off of a rail, which Kenworthy admitted he didn't even really know the name for.

"I guess it would be considered an inward double rodeo 990 off a rail," Kenworthy said. The trick is the second double flip ever landed off of a rail -- the first was a double misty that Kenworthy landed off of an up rail on the Whistler glacier almost a year ago. The two doubles are still the only two landed doubles off a rail to date, both by Kenworthy.

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