How to: Build a backyard terrain park

Norwegian freeskier Andreas Hatveit talks about building a terrain park in his backyard.

Five-time Winter X Games medalist Andreas Hatveit has what not too many other pro freeskiers have: a terrain park in his own backyard. The Norwegian slopestyle skier even holds a contest there called Backyard Battle, which attracts top freeskiers from around the world to his hometown of Sudndalen, Norway. With Hatveit's first-hand experience, he gave us a few tips on how to create your own backyard park, whether you're working on a ski bum's salary or you just won the lottery.

First find land and scope out a space where you can set up your terrain park. Make sure you have enough room to drop in and land safely. Find a hill that has enough of a vertical incline to build jumps and set up rails. It's going to be very tough to set these up on flat terrain.

Locate snow. If you already have enough in your backyard then you should be good to go. If not, use a snow blower and borrow some from your neighbor as long as they don't mind. If you haven't gotten much snow in a while, try your local ice rink. They sometimes have ice shavings that you could put in the back of a pick-up truck and transport to your house.

Get a shovel. It may be old fashioned but it's the easiest way to manipulate the lip and other features of the jumps.

Gather people together. Skiing is fun, but it's better with friends. Having others help you will make it much easier and then you have someone else to kick it with. Also you may have enough people to create your own backyard ski film.

Buy PVC pipes. These are the easiest to use for rails if you don't want to spend a lot of time or money.

If you've got loads of cash, buy snow guns. Who doesn't love fresh pow? Being able to blow your own snow will make it even better to create new features in your terrain park.

If you win the lottery, invest in a snow cat. You can groom your park much easier with a snow cat. This will also ensure that your jumps are smooth and safe.

Install a rope tow. Now you and your friends don't have to spend all day walking up and down the terrain park.

Set up lights, so when the sun goes down, you can still shred. Night skiing is fun but make sure your towers are properly mounted into the ground.

Enjoy and have fun. You now have your own terrain park. Say goodbye to lugging all of your stuff and waiting in lift lines.

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