Salomon Freeski TV: Tempting Fear

Salomon Freeski TV

The seventh episode of season six of Salomon Freeski TV, which dropped on Wednesday, is unlike any previous episode of the web TV series. For starters, it's a series precedent-breaking 25 minutes long, so carve out some time to watch it. It's the story of Swedish extreme skier Andreas Fransson, in a film festival short called "Tempting Fear." This is the first time Salomon has released a full documentary film as part of the series.

Fransson has logged first descents in a half-dozen countries, recovered from an accident that nearly killed him, and he's been called the best extreme skier in Chamonix, France. The film explores his psyche as he takes on high-risk lines around the world. Says Fransson, "Only by defying society's expectations can you find the true uncertainty that defines adventure."

The film was produced by Salomon Freeski TV's Mike Douglas and Bjarne Sahlén, Fransson's longtime friend and expedition partner.

"Tempting Fear" was only supposed to be five minutes long. Douglas initially planned to profile Fransson for the Salomon Freeski TV series (they met last winter when Fransson signed with Salomon). "But I started reading his blog and thought, 'Wow, this guy is way more interesting than the average pro skier out there,'" Douglas said. "Shortly after starting, I realized it would be a shame to only spend five minutes in his head."

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