'Ballin' Kind Of'

Monster Energy pro skiers Colby West and Jossi Wells make it drizzle at X Games Aspen.

During X Games Aspen 2013, skier Colby James West found himself with some extra time on his hands, since he wasn't competing. Why not produce a music video, he figured. He recruited Kiwi freeskier Jossi Wells, who was competing, and got some help from Monster Energy and Rotate Films to put together this edit, called "Ballin' Kind Of," which was released last week. We spoke to West about his week in Aspen and his future in entertainment.

XGames.com: So, looks like you had a good time in Aspen this year.
Colby James West:
Yup! X Games is always awesome. Last year I did a live Internet show for ESPN, but was free to do whatever I wanted this time around.

What prompted you to make this music video?
Well, I like music, making fun videos, and X Games, so I thought I would combine all three and try to show people what it's like to be there. We want to show something different from what you see when you watch on the tube.

How did you recruit Jossi Wells to join you? Wasn't he busy?
Jossi was very busy. We basically worked around his schedule -- setting up the shoots at times when he had a break. He was great. I called him first when I had the idea because I know he loves rap music and makes songs of his own. Having him competing at the same time was great because it brought more validity to the video. Couldn't have been nearly as good without him.

Your fans are getting accustomed to seeing more of Colby The Entertainer than Colby The Skier. Are you OK with that?
I am fine with that. As a skier, I think of myself as an entertainer from the start. I've always sort of felt that I wasn't entertaining people unless they were laughing, so I started incorporating it into my segments and such. I wouldn't have it any other way.

What's more fun: Being at X Games as a competitor or as a fake rapper?
Competing. It's nerve racking, but it's the best feeling in the world when you get a medal.

Best party at X Games Aspen this year?
By far the Monster party at the top of Aspen Mountain. That's always really fun with great music. But we performed live at Belly Up, too, at the Freeskier party and that was a dream come true for Jossi. He was excited to rap on the same stage that Wu-Tang had been on. I was stoked that ZZ Top was on that stage. Maybe I will figure out how to do a rock 'n' roll song next. That sounds fun.

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