A Tiny World

This summer, pro skiers Molly Baker and Zack Giffin and pro snowboarder Neil Provo are touring with their Tiny House to various locations. Giffin is giving talks on how he constructed the 112-square-foot home on wheels and during the month of July, he'll be in the forests near Glacier, Wash., using the Tiny House to film the closing scene for Sweetgrass Productions' upcoming film, "Valhalla." Earlier this winter, the Tiny House traveled all over ski country. On one rainy night on Rogers Pass, British Columbia, we joined Baker, Giffin and Provo for dinner in their cozy and dry home after a day of wet and heavy powder skiing in the Selkirks. The tiny wood stove cranked as they chatted about their second season living the dream in a very tiny home.

Where did the winter take you?
Baker: In December, we were at Baker and had the Tiny House stashed in the parking lot. Then, Zack, Neil, and I all had separate trips to BC, but we then reconvened in Utah where we spent two weeks skiing Alta and around the backcountry along with spending some time in the Uintas. After Utah, we were in Nelson, BC, then Zack and I drove up to Rogers Pass.

How were things different this year skiing and traveling in the Tiny House compared to the first season?
Baker: This year we are utilizing the house for what it is, living out the dream a bit more. Primarily, the house has stayed in one place for longer periods of time. Last year we had the pressure to chase storms, while this year has been a little more stagnant. Like spending the whole month of December in Baker. Giffin: If you have a tiny house and are moving it too much and too far, you're defeating the purpose. This year we've let the house do its job. It lets us explore each area.

Has the focus changed?
Provo: This year the focus is still the same: meeting with locals, finding cool people who are passionate about skiing and riding who can show us the goods, and potentially looking for new athletes for Outdoor Research. Last year, our sponsors wanted us to be in a new spot every week with a video from each location.

A Tiny House for Skiing

How is living in this tiny space?
Baker: We quickly discovered when one person wakes up, everyone wakes up, since everyone is sharing one bedroom. This year it feels like home. We had so many people come in and out of the Tiny House, iconic skiers and a lot of enthusiasts. The house has absorbed energy from different people and everyone has a cool memory associated with it. So while last year was a tour showing it off, this year it is home. Zack and I no longer have a place anymore, and all of us would probably agree having this experience opened up our eyes to what is possible.

Any exciting plans for the Tiny House?
Giffin: We've had serious conversations about the house going to Alaska as it would be a pinnacle moment -- it's not going to happen this year, but we're constantly talking with OR to maybe make it happen next year.

Molly: We'll have the house at the Denver and Boulder premieres of Sweetgrass' film "Valhalla" this fall before starting season three of the Tiny House Tour next winter.

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