The way of life with Todd Ligare

Our cab is racing through Santiago, Chile. After five days of skiing at La Parva and two days of walking around the city, pro freeskier Todd Ligare and I are flying back to the States. In the back of a cab, I ask Ligare to discuss his part in the new Teton Gravity Research film, "Way of Life," for which the trailer just dropped, and his way of life at TGR's Fantasy Camp earlier this winter.

What is Fantasy Camp?
Fantasy Camp was a project of [TGR co-founder] Todd Jones. He'd had it in his head for a long time. It's based around the idea of exploring new zones and taking it one step farther. We were in a location that had no resources, no lodge. We had to create our own little town out there. There was a sauna, Internet and we flew the heli out there to explore.

Who were the campers?
We had a bunch of athletes rotating through. The leg I was there, it was me, Angel Collinson, Ian McIntosh, and Sage [Cattabriga-Alosa]. Later on in the trip, Sammy Carlson swapped me out and then a week later Dana Flahr and Tim Durtschi came.

TGR Fantasy Camp

Take me through a day in the life at camp.
There wasn't total consistency. When we first got there the snow conditions weren't really cooperating. I spent a week hanging out at camp. Once the ball got rolling for good skiing, we woke up and had a cook there. She was awesome. We'd wake up to a nice, warm meal then roll right into the heli and try to get a few runs in in the morning. Then we'd usually have a mid-day break. In some instances, we'd come back to camp then go out for an evening session.

The name of the film is "Way of Life." Why?
I think a lot of ski movies explore the concept of a skier's way of life. There's multiple themes running through this film and one of them is exploring where our crew is going and the elements of that location. There was an extended trip in Austria, B.C., Jackson Hole, Alaska and more.

Who is going to have the biggest impact in the film?
There are strong performances from a lot of the cast, but Sage was skiing really well at the time I was in Alaska. People are going to be excited to see Ian McIntosh back on it. He stepped up to the plate in Alaska. Angel was skiing the most confident I've seen any female skiers ski. And Durtschi … He was probably the most filmed athlete of our crew this year. He was on a lot of trips.

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