Nimbus is Back

One thing we look forward to each fall is a new set of edits from the crew over at Nimbus Independent. They're always creatively shot, mountain inspired, and an insight into some of skiing's most unique characters. Nimbus co-founder Eric Pollard suffered an injury last winter, which he's still recovering from, so we weren't sure if we were going to see a new slew of edits this year.

We're happy to report they are back at it with six new Nimbus Independent releases, the first of which dropped on Tuesday. It's a documentary-style film starring skier Chris Benchelter. Called "A Road Less Traveled," the 10-minute long mini motion picture follows Benchetler through the mountains, from rock climbing to surfing and his plans for skiing into the future.

"The path that I'm on is more or less ever changing and evolving," Benchetler says. "It's allowed me to open my mind and see that there was a different way to look at the mountains and that opened up creative freedom for me. It allowed me to see there were no limitations on my skis."

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