Line Traveling Circus returns for sixth season

[Line Traveling Circus, the hilarious webisode series produced by Line Skis’ athletes Will Wesson, Andy Parry and others, returns for its sixth season this fall. On Monday, the first episode of the new season dropped online. Here, Wesson interviews the TC intern, Michael Hibbs. Stay tuned for seven more episodes of Traveling Circus through the fall and winter.]

This was our third consecutive summer with a Traveling Circus “intern.” The quotation marks are there to show we use the term loosely. One could make the claim that there are valuable networking, marketing and life lessons to be learned in this situation. In reality, it's more of an excuse for my friends and I to come up with dumb ideas for the intern to try out, all while entertaining whoever may be near by. “The intern was the man,” says skier Jack Borland. “He kept us entertained with flipping off of everything, talking about love and doing whatever we told him to. When I first saw him ski, I thought he was insane. He may not have a very traditional style of skiing, but it's still fun and crazy to watch. Here are a few words from the intern himself, Michael Hibbs.

Will Wesson: Where did you grow up and how did it influence your skiing?
The Intern: Minnesota. It really helped me appreciate the sport and the community within the sport. I was always faced with bad conditions, but that’s the best part about skiing -- it’s fun no matter what you’re skiing or what the weather is doing. There is always enjoyment to be had.

Describe your skiing style.
Wreckless. I focus less on making my skiing look a certain way and more on trying to scare myself and push my body to its limit. I don't really focus on my style, which people really seem to care about these days, rightfully, but I am young and can bounce back from hard falls so I don't see why I wouldn't huck myself while I still can.

How did you meet Andy Parry and get involved in the "TC Intern Program?” Was it what you expected?
I had Andy as a coach at Windells Camp and we worked through our differences and really hit it off by the end of the week. He is a really nice guy along with the rest of the crew. The intern program was not what I expected but I loved every painful minute of it and would do it again. I've learned these past two summers that with TC, you never really know what you're getting into.

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