Win an X Games Skate Deck


Want a new skate deck? We've got three up for grabs. Just make some comments in the snowboard section. Easy.

If you've been checking out other areas of the ESPN Action site, you're well aware that Summer X 15 is underway. Though snowboarding isn't part of the club this week, we all work together, which means I've noticed all the swag that has come through for the Games.

Well, I nabbed three of these X15 skate decks that arrived and thought, let's give 'em away on the snowboard blog. Why not, right?

So if you're in need of new skate deck, and really, anyone who skates regularly always is, here's how to win: Since it's nice when ya'll pop up with your opinions, make comments anywhere on ESPN Snowboarding. Here on the blog, the story pages, the photo galleries, wherever. The more the better, and the better they are, the better your chances. Simple. Top three commenters win.

The contest starts now. It ends next week, August 5, 2009, at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. You must be 18 or over and live in the U.S. to qualify. Sorry to everyone else. Rules is rules. Click here for the official breakdown.

If you participated in the last comment contest, you know the drill. If you've already won, let's be fair and say you can't win again. At least for this one. So, party in the comment section. Yeah.

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