Hannah Gives 'Er, Gets Award

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Michael Caulfield

Who's that? Thomas Jane -- aka "The Punisher." Oh, didn't see that movie? Funny...

Last night on VH1, two-time Olympic medalist Hannah Teter took home the Do Something Award in the Athlete category for 2010. Now, if Teter were up against fellow shreds we'd peg her for a shoe-in on this award but Hannah beat out the likes of Steve Nash, Reggie Bush, Derek Jeter and Ryan Sheckler. Sorry, fellas, but Hannah grew up with four older brothers...

Sweet Cheeks

Panties with purpose.

Teter's various forms of outreach are well-known within snowboarding so it's great to see the pipe prodigy gaining props off the Olympic podium and in a high-profile award environment hosted by Jane Lynch from "Glee" and including paparazzi-worthy heads like Snoop Dogg and The Jonas Bros. Her recent foray into scantily-clad modeling helped up her star power with the armchair quarterback set and drew attention to her charitable assets along with her athletic prowess.

Now, Teter's "Do Something Award" acceptance thanks probably won't send Obama's speechwriters scrambling for their notepads yet we think she truly deserves it for her continued and multi-faceted approach to giving like it's her job. Between Sweet Cheeks, her underwear for the underprivileged, Hannah's Gold, a well-established Vermont maple syrup business, and a partnership with Ben & Jerry's to produce Maple Blondie ice cream (a first for any athlete) it's clear that Teter's more than worthy of last night's win. With a minimum of 40-percent of net proceeds of panties sold going to Children International and the proceeds from Hannah's Gold and Maple Blondie going toward clean water and other projects in Kirindon, Kenya to the tune of $250K so far, you'd think Hannah could call it a day but, no: she donates all of her contest winnings to charity, too.

The 23 year-old, who calls South Lake Tahoe home, told ESPN.com: "It's amazing to have been nominated for a Do Something award, but to actually win it is so huge -- for the charity especially. [The award] helps open up new doors and creates opportunities to make bigger progress and change."

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