The Givin crew's Doran Laybourn on "One"

The Givin crew got some last season. You probably already gathered that from their teaser. If you've yet to see it, stop reading and watch. It gets the juices going, huh?

These guys clearly did good for their first year out. With veteran filmer Aaron Hooper acting as director, and a cast of characters that includes the likes of Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey and Wyatt Stasinos this video is destined for greatness -- and that's what everyone involved is saying they saw.

You know a movie is going to be a good one when all riders are amping to see the final edit. There's no definite release date yet, but from the sounds of things we should be seeing the final cut of "One" sometime in late-October. To hold you over until then we hit up Givin gang member Doran Laybourn for some insider insight on the season, the crew and what we can expect to see later this fall.

Whose part are you most hyped to see?
Wyatt Stasinos. We've been homies and shredding the Colorado backcountry together for a long time now and last season he worked so hard on his part. For anyone who has been sleeping on him, it's gonna be a real eye opener.

Single sickest shot you've seen: Who? Where? When?
I've seen some sickness, but the most recent single sickest shot I've seen is of Forest Bailey. Minnesota. December. HAM!

One reason why we should buy this movie.
'Cuz we're the new kids on the block. You're not gonna get the same ol' from Givin.

What's the backcountry to streets shot ratio?
Probably 50-50.

Any potential video parts of the year?
Yup! Wyatt Stasinos and Forest Bailey.

Strangest thing filmed?
Shayne Pospisil shredding the Jersey Shore. He was hitting up spots right where Snooki and J Wow used to wreak havoc. The footage is amazing.

Filmed on location in: Colorado, Washington, Minnesota, British Columbia and Tahoe. Starring: Forest Bailey, Keegan Valaika, Wyatt Stasinos, Shayne Pospisil, Timmy Ronan, Cody Rosenthal, Doran Laybourn, Jonas Michilot, Alex Stathis, Jake Koia, Robbie Walker, Mason Aguirre, Nick Russel, Brendan Keenan, Benny Urban and more. It's going to be a good "One."

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