Dylan Alito's 'Ammo' Worm Hole

Dylan Alito is an interesting character. He rips with unique style, he parties with attitude, and he wins pro rail events like San Francisco's Downtown Throwdown dressed like a Juggalo. He is also about to enter the world of Internet video stardom with the release of his first full part in ThirtyTwo's new am video "Ammo." We sat down with Alito to talk about his part and what's next for the young ripper from Colorado.

Did I see you dressed up like a Juggalo for the Downtown Throwdown last weekend?
[Laughs] Yeah, it was so funny! There were some real Juggalos there.

Were they hyped or bummed?
So hyped. My buddies found me on Juggalo website -- they had put a link up to the event.

What was it like filming for the Ammo video?
It was sick. I had the best time just traveling with my homies all winter and filming daily. I couldn't ask for much more.

Is it your first video part?
This is the first one that I was filming out of town for and has bigger distribution. Before this I was just filming whenever we had snow and chance to film around Colorado.

Are you happy with your part?
Yeah, I'm pretty stoked. I think riders always have issues with their own parts and have a hard time really liking it, but I've gotten some pretty good feedback on it. I'm just happy people are pumped to watch it.

Who has your favorite part in the video?
Ah man, you can't ask me that. All three of the parts are really sick! I love riding with those dudes. They're my good homies.

What are your plans for this coming season?
I'm working on a Volcom project of some sort. I don't really know what it is for sure, but I'm super stoked to be doing a Volcom video too.

What is the weird half back flip rewind thing that you do in your part here?
It's like a cab 360, revert thing. Jesse Burtner has been calling it the Worm Hole.

Was it on purpose?
[Laughs] Yeah, it was on purpose! I learned them regular a couple years ago at Breck kind of on accident and have been doing them ever since. That was just the first time I ever got to try one in the backcountry while filming.

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