Real Snow Round 2 vote is on

The first round of the Real Snow Fan Favorite vote is officially over, and it looks like daredevil stylings are so far winning out over super-tech rail tricks. The Winter X audience has spoken, and the new matchups are as follows: Halldor Helgason will be going head-to-head with 2011 Real Snow gold medalist Dan Brisse, while 2011 silver medalist Louif Paradis is being pitted against Pat Moore.

Voting for Round 2 will run until midnight on Monday, Jan. 23. Finals run from Jan. 24-28. The winner will be announced during the live broadcast of the Winter X Games on Sunday, Jan. 28. Vote for your favorites to win Round 2 now! And when you're done, check out some of these interviews …

Those who survived: Halldor Helgason » | Pat Moore » | Louif Paradis » | Dan Brisse »

Those we lost along the way: Nic Sauve » | Bode Merrill » | Scott Stevens » | Jed Anderson »

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