Face Time: Ryan Paul

The WX Snowboard Street silver medalist takes his urban stylings to the backcountry and gets served.

By the time you read this Ryan Paul will be just getting back from his first European vacation. Aside from some lost luggage, a cancelled flight and a lot of rag-dolling it was the trip of a lifetime for Paul, who was accompanied by an international squad of his 686 teammates. Montafon locals Marco Fleichtner and Sebi Geiger played host to this gang of fools and with their help the crew scored lots of pow, bagged much airtime, stacked hammers in the streets and otherwise got into everything Austria has to offer.

For RP the trip was a chance to work on his powder jumping techniques. "A rude awakening," is how he described the process. Gotta pay those dues. He did and in the end even rode away with a few clips and no doubt a greater appreciation for backcountry riding. Here's Winter X Aspen Snowboard Street silver medalist Ryan Paul to tell you all about it. 

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