The Mad Ones: Hakuba Haiku

Liam Gallagher holds it down in Hakuba, Japan in the latest episode of his web series, The Mad Ones.

Hakuba Haiku:
Went to Hakuba
It rained two nights and a day
They still built a bowl

This April I got to be a part of one of annual spring snow-bowl riding fun festivals in Japan, the Holy Bowly. I met the some of the most respected bowl diggers over there, and even got to dig myself some. Well, really, I just raked -- but believe me, it was something else to witness. The whole experience really opened my eyes to an entirely new type of riding... and being.

I wasn't alone. Everyone was mad for the bowl -- all they could talk about was building their own, doing it themselves. Hakuba's holding, man. Here's proof.

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