First times with Ulrik Badertscher

Norwegian snowboarder Ulrik Badertscher recounts some of his more memorable first times in this Face Time.

Ulrik Badertscher is a talented up and comer from the land that seems to produce more spintastic snowboarders than anywhere else on the planet: Scandinavia. People still don't know what to call the trick he pulled out to win the Air and Style in China thisDecember, but the finish wasn't just a one-time event, as he proved when he came in second in this year's U.S. Open slopestyle competition. In between contests, the Norwegian also found time to put out a full part in Process Films' movie, "A Shot in the Dark," and is filming more for this coming year.

We caught up with Badertscher on a chairlift and made him answer some questions about his "firsts" -- from his first medically-induced heli ride to his first snowboard movie purchase. Watch to learn more about the Viking you're going to be seeing a lot more of.

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