The Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational

Bode Merrill takes halfpipe contests back to the roots in the High Cascade mini pipe.

Bode Merrill's a big dude, but it's in the 11-foot High Cascade mini pipe where he feels most at home. So he decided to throw a back-to-the-roots event in it: The inaugural Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational, which went down on Monday. The "contest" drew some of snowboarding's most unlikely pipe jocks, including the likes of Chris Grenier, Gigi Rüf and Scotty Stevens. And while these might not be the dudes you see shredding Superpipes at the X Games or U.S. Open, they are still pretty fun to watch. See for yourself in this highlight video. Full results are after the jump.

Best handplant: Scott Stevens
Best flip: Chris Grenier
Best Grab: Johhny Brady - Method
Best eater of s---: Bode Merrill

5th: Dustin Craven
4th: Scotty Arnold
3rd: Jesse Burtner
2nd: Tim Eddy
1st: Rio Tahara

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