Desiree Melancon drops the hammer

There are just a few women at the forefront of progression in women's snowboarding and Desiree Melancon is one of them -- whether or not she cares to admit it. Her stylish approach is unique in the female genre, and her recently released video part is a testament to her bold nature and amazing snowboarding ability. We sat down with Melancon to find out what inspired her new part and what the future holds for one of snowboarding's best female riders. It seems like snowboard and social-media sites are buzzing about your video part.
Desiree Melancon: Yeah, I'm excited about the response. I'm really glad people like it. I was a little worried about it, but it feels good to have people respond well.

Did you film with a movie crew or just film for this part?
Well I wasn't going to film at all ... then Jess Kimura forced me to go filming with her and that sort of started it. She's crazy. All the sudden we were hitting two spots a day instead of just one and we were actually getting shots, which is just weird.

Did having Jess come along and shake things up motivate female riders like yourself to step it up?
For sure. We met at a time when she was on a mission to show the world what was up. It definitely lit a huge fire under everyone's ass because what she did had never been done.

Women's rail riding at the time was kind of a joke and boring to watch, and she sort of put her foot down and set a new standard for what female rail riding was going to be about.

Is it weird to think that you're one of the ladies at the head of the table when it comes to the female urban movement?
(Laughs) I've been snowboarding for a long time. This is like my seventh or eighth video part. I don't really think of myself as at the forefront of a movement in women's snowboarding because rail riding isn't really at the head of women's snowboarding or progression. It's cool that people want to watch it, though, and I hope it inspires women to want to film a good video part, and sort of do it the right way.

You mean do it with some style.
Yeah, just doing tricks the right way and going to new and unique spots, basically not just hitting down rails. It's would be cool to see people putting together real video parts that showcase a good selection of different types of riding. I feel like sometimes girls just focus on one type of snowboarding and don't try everything out.

Speaking of which, you had some powder shots; are we going to see more of that from you?
It was so fun. That's a different world and so hard. There is no doubt in my mind that I would like to spend at least half of my season in the mountains riding powder. It's just super hard to adjust to, but I love it.

You're going to have to start doing some squats.
(Laughs) Seriously!

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