Look Who's Calling Cody Beiersdorf

Mike Basher

Cody lands a prehistoric front board in modern day Rapid City.

Cody Beiersdorf is a mild mannered young man from the Midwest who just happens to have an amazing array of tech tricks in his arsenal, which he has been displaying proudly on Minnesota rails for a number of years. This season was pivotal for Beiersdorf: his talents were recognized by the legendary Seth Hout, who invited him to share his part for Volcom's IP2 project. Beiersdorf didn't hesitate and his skills quickly earned him a spot on coveted Volcom team. This year Beiersdorf will be filming for Videograss's "Keep The Change" -- not too shabby for a quiet and humble kid from the backwoods of Minnesota.

What's up my friend?
Not too much man. We're just at Savers right now.

It's a thrift store. We're hoping to find a gem.

Are you hoping someone dropped off a da Vinci sketch?
You never know. I will keep you posted.

What project are you filming for this season?
Videograss, "Keep the Change." I'm super excited about that.

Is that Videograss's am project?
What happened is that VG is combining the "Light Side" and "Dark Side" crews into one video and then "Keep The Change" will be their other main video.

So who's in your crew?
I will probably be filming with Austin Young, Mark Wilson, Justin Fronius, and Riley Erickson. That's who I'm up here with in Duluth right now. It's nice that we could start filming this early -- it's pretty rare.

Mike Basher

The landing might not be powder, but Minnesota kids can still jump.

It seems your breakout year. How did sharing a part with Seth Huot come about?
That wasn't even planned. Seth wasn't planning on having a part but at the end of the season he had all this footage. He approached me with the idea of us sharing a part, which was amazing. Being able to share a part with Seth is indescribable.

Did it validate how hard you have been working the last couple of years?
Yeah, I can't tell you how good that made me feel. He's also the reason I got on Volcom so I'm super hyped. I'm so glad I got that call.

Last year you guys did the Signal house thing and the snow was terrible. Will there be a season two?
It was supposed to be a one year thing, but because of the lack of snow we were going to try and do it again this year. It didn't work out though. If last year would have been a good snow year, it would have been so perfect. To have everyone in the same house and on the same program makes everything more efficient. Maybe we will do it again sometime.

Would you guys ever have a powder house, in the mountains?
Maybe. That would be awesome. Danimals and I always talk about taking powder trips, so maybe one winter we can do that for a couple of months.

You're pretty toned-down. Have you thought about adding some flair to your kit?
(Laughs) I use to wear really big stuff, and now I wear pretty normal-sized clothing. I don't think I could pull off the super skinny pants. It looks good on some people, but I think it would look weird on me.

But what could we do to up your street cred? Could we get you arrested or have you fight MFM?
(Laughs) Yeah, I could just get some crazy lifestyle shots or something. I just like to go snowboard and do my thing if people like it that's cool, and if they don't that's cool too. I'm just doing my thing.

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