Lei-ed Up

While the Volcom Pipeline Pro didn't run because the surf was a little too nasty, it didn't stop a brave few from paddling out and paying the price.

Of all the bad one-liners in surfdom, one of the best is "He picked the eyes out of the swell." You hear it a lot when webcast types interview contest director types about the successes with which they've utilized the swell forecast to their greatest advantage. With the Pacific stacked for the foreseeable future, that's exactly what organizers of the Volcom Pipeline Pro are hoping to do ... but first the surf has to come down a little.

On Jan. 28, the second day of the event's waiting period, the conditions were borderline out of control. And while the die-hard Pipe crew charged with their usual aplomb. Reef McIntosh and Dusty Payne were among the notables, while Flynn Novak and Nathan Hedge were among the wounded. The Pipe Pro did not run. It didn't run because, as things stand now, the waves are only going to get better this week.

Jeremiah Klein/Surfline

The Volcom Pipe Pro was delayed for a third-straight day because the waves were too big for competition.

Surfline's North Shore forecast reads, "A new dose of solid back-to-back WNW-NW swells will show over Thurs/Fri with ENE veering East Trades and good conditions. Beyond that, the long range forecast is looking promising for more swell action to spawn from the Northwest Pacific ... At this time, if everything continues to stay on track, then we may see a decent shot of NW swell (310-335 deg) for around the 4th-6th, with a possible solid WNW swell (295-315 deg) for around the 7th-9th."

When the contest does finally get underway make sure to keep it tuned to XGames.com for the live webcast.

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