John John's Latest Drop

Screen grab: Blake Kueny

John John Florence's Australian campaign was soaring before an air-gone-wrong in an expression session cut his trip short. Just the same, the takeaway is revealing.

While the second coming of Nat Young at Bells and Adriano De Souza's "I'm so proud of myself" moment are still ringing, one character that was missing from the script was John Florence. Thanks to a wrenched ankle at Snapper he continues to struggle with injury, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been productive. Today he dropped his latest RED cam edit, "Free To Roam." It's not only worth a watch, but it's also a good reminder that once he mends he's still a very dangerous man.

"This was a project that was filmed in ten days in Australia during the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks," tells project editor Blake Kueny. "Most of the surfing was before and during the event prior to John suffering an ankle injury, which forced him to pull out of the contest. Erik Knutson and Chris Bryan were down with John filming everyday. Everything was shot on RED cameras; using both the EPIC and Scarlet brains and Brian wielded the Phantom cam too. Post John's injury he flew back to California, we linked up and started brainstorming music. Once we got a song, we started to conceptualize an edit. John spent a day with me editing and after that we came to what we have now: 'Free To Roam.'"

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