Interview: Jordy Smith X Games Real Surf Winner

Ramona Bruland talks with Jordy Smith about his X Games Real Surf Gold medal for Judges' Favorite

This weekend Jordy Smith walked away with X Games gold for his Real Surf effort. The dynamic edit Smith produced had plenty of surprises, and to be expected from the heavy-footed South African, it include a diverse range of modern, progressive maneuvers, as well as some classic, full-rail carving. When asked about what winning Real Surf meant to him Smith said, "It's the next best thing to winning a world title." The way this year's shaping up, he could very easily do both. We caught up with him briefly to get a little more insight into the winning edit, here's what Smith had to say:

What does it mean to make the final of X Games Real Surf?
It's crazy, I had so much fun putting my section together over the summer at home and it's awesome to be in to the final voted on by the fans. Thanks!

What went into producing the clip? Where was it filmed, did you have a concept in mind?
It was a collaboration, five different filmers, three locations (Mozambique, Cape Town & Durban), two different formats (pal & ntsc) and lots of gigs of downloads to get all the footage to my editor Jacob Wooden in Australia. I didn't set out with a concept other than to get banger clips that would make kids froth.

What do you think it was that made it the fan favorite? What does it take to make an appealing clip?
I think my section had a good mix of airs, power & barrels as well as a few combo's. The way we edited it makes is easy to watch and psyche up to. Opens in Cape Town with a cool combo, barrels through the middle in Mozam, and finishes with a some power and a big air reverse to finish.

What's your opinion of having surfing in the X Games?
I think it's rad. I really like this format where we a got a couple of months to piece together a section and put some time and effort into it. I hope this year was the first of many to come!

Is there anybody you would like to thank?
So many people, my sponsors O'Neill, Red Bull, Oakley, Channel Islands, Vestal, Neff, Buchu Life,my beautiful girlfriend Lyndall, Garth Tarlow and Nick Green from O'Neill, Jacob Wooden for the edit, Jarrad Howse, my family, friends and fans for the support and votes!

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