Previewing Patrick Trefz's 'Surfers' Blood'

Surf artist/photographer Patrick Trefz previews his year ahead and the surf stories that keep him stoked.

Enough shine on surfing. We could all benefit from a little more grit. A little more real. That's the driving force behind Patrick Trefz's work. Based in Santa Cruz, Calif., the photographer and filmmaker has been lending his well-qualified eye to surfing for nearly 20 years now. He's an accomplished self-publisher, a diligent magazine contributor and an ardent believer in film as art. His latest book and film project, which he calls "Surfers' Blood," is an examination of not just the people who drive our sport, but of their heritage, personalities and character.

Expanding on his survey, this summer on Trefz will be digging deeper below the surface and detailing the lives of some of our more colorful characters through a series of short vignettes. From a bard like Andrew Kidman to the Curren legacy to somebody with a fetish for design like Richard Kenvin, Trefz has gathered an eclectic and inspiring cast of characters.

"Everybody has a story to tell," says Trefz. "Today there are so many mediums that stories can be told [through], whether it's photos, motion or written words, and the art is how you meld all of that into one thematic concept."

The first installment will be dropping in two weeks, and while we'd love to tell you what's coming up, Trefz prefers to keep it under wraps.

Surfers' Blood

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