Dave Mirra

Disciplines: Rally CarFrom: Greenville, NC USA USABorn: 04/04/74

About Dave

Mirra owned the record for most X Games medals in history with 24 (23 from BMX, 1 from Rally Car) until X Games Munich, when Bob Burnquist finally surpassed him. No longer on the BMX scene, Dave was a factory driver for Subaru Rally Team USA in both 2012 and for most of 2013. That changed at the GRC stop in Charlotte (Sept. 2013), when he started driving Liam Doran's X Games-game winning Mini instead of a Subaru. While he posted some of the fastest driving times, bad luck bit him on race day and he finished 12th. He has a career-best GRC finish of 4th, it came in August 2013 in Atlanta, GA. He's driving Doran's Mini again at the GRC Las Vegas event.

  • With 24 medals from two X Games disciplines (Rally and BMX) Mirra has the second--most medals in X Games history. He has the second--most gold medals of any X Games athlete: he has 14, Shawn White has 15. Mirra won BMX Park five consecutive times and Vert three consecutive times.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Los Angeles 2013 RCR RallyCross15th
X Games Munich 2013 RCR RallyCross15th
X Games Munich 2013 RCR RallyCross13th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 RCR RallyCross15th
X Games 2011 RCR RallyCross4th
X Games 2011 RCR Racing6th
X Games 2010 RCR Racing8th
X Games 2010 RCR RallyCross11th
X Games 2009 BMX Big Air3rd
X Games 2009 RCR Racing8th
X Games 2008 RCR Racing3rd
X Games 2008 BMX Big Air2nd
X Games 2008 BMX Park16th
X Games 2007 BMX Park3rd
X Games 2005 BMX Vert Best Trick2nd
X Games 2005 BMX Park1st
X Games 2005 BMX Vert7th
X Games 2004 BMX Vert1st
X Games 2004 BMX Park1st
X Games 2003 BMX Park3rd
X Games 2003 BMX Vert2nd
X Games 2002 BMX Vert1st
X Games 2002 BMX Park4th
X Games 2001 BMX Park6th
X Games 2001 BMX Vert1st
X Games 2000 BMX Vert2nd
X Games 2000 BMX Park1st
X Games 1999 BMX Vert1st
X Games 1999 BMX Park1st
X Games 1998 BMX Park1st
X Games 1998 BMX Vert1st
X Games 1998 BMX Vert Doubles1st
X Games 1997 BMX Vert1st
X Games 1997 BMX Park1st
X Games 1996 BMX Vert2nd
X Games 1996 BMX Park1st
X Games 1995 BMX Vert2nd