Levi LaVallee

Disciplines: SnowmobileFrom: Longville, MN USA USABorn: 08/31/82

About Levi

With 10 medals spread among six different snowmobile disciplines, LaVallee is one of the last great crossover riders. H'es also one of the most successful athletes in X Games winter event history. At XG Aspen 2017, LaVallee could be the first three-time Snowmobile Freestyle winner, but he'll have to beat defending gold medalist Joe Parsons and Colten Moore, the other two-time winners. He also will be supporting his Team LaVallee racer Kyle Pallin in SnoCross.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Aspen 2017 SMB Freestyle3rd
X Games Aspen 2016 SMB SnoCross20th
X Games Aspen 2015 SMB Speed & Style4th
X Games Aspen 2014 SMB SnoCross19th
X Games Aspen 2014 SMB Long Jump1st
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SMB Speed & Style1st
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SMB Freestyle1st
Winter X 2010 SMB Freestyle6th
Winter X 2010 SMB Best Trick3rd
Winter X 2010 SMB Long Jump1st
Winter X 2010 SMB SnoCross14th
Winter X 2009 SMB SnoCross4th
Winter X 2009 SMB Freestyle5th
Winter X 2009 SMB Speed & Style2nd
Winter X 2008 SMB SnoCross6th
Winter X 2008 SMB Speed & Style1st
Winter X 2008 SMB Freestyle1st
Winter X 2007 SMB SnoCross6th
Winter X 2006 SMB SnoCross2nd
Winter X 2005 SMB SnoCross25th
Winter X 2004 SMB HillCross1st
Winter X 2004 SMB SnoCross8th
Winter X 2003 SMB SnoCross5th