Cheryl Maas

Disciplines: Snowboard, SnowboardFrom: Oslo, NOR NEDBorn: 09/28/84

About Cheryl

Cheryl won gold in Big Air at X Games Oslo 2016, becoming the first Dutch woman ever to medal at X Games. It was her first X Games medal after 11 starts in 10 appearances. Cheryl is an accomplished veteran with some of the best style in the game; she was the first woman to land a 900 in slopestyle competition and continues to push the sport. The 32-year-old learned to snowboard on the dry slopes of the Netherlands and has competed twice in the Olympics: halfpipe in 2006 (11th) and slopestyle in 2014 (20th). Cheryl is married to X Games gold medalist Stine Brun Kjeldaas (Women's SBD SuperPipe, 2000), and when not snowboarding around the globe is a busy mom to their two daughters, Lara (5 1/2) and Mila (2 1/2). Landed a switch backside 900 at X Games Aspen 2016, becoming the first woman to do so in a competition.

  • First X Games medal: gold, XG Oslo 2016 Big Air. Eleven starts in 10 X Games appearances.
  • First Dutch woman ever to medal at XG.
  • Two Olympic appearances: halfpipe (2010, 11th) and slopestyle (2014, 20th).
  • Has two little girls with her wife, XG gold medalist Stine Brun Kjeldaas (SBD SuperPipe, 2000).
  • Named Snowboarder Magazine's Female Rider of the Year (2011)

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Oslo 2016 SBD Big Air1st
X Games Aspen 2016 SBD Slopestyle8th
X Games Aspen 2015 SBD Slopestyle7th
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SBD Slopestyle7th
Winter X 2011 SBD Slopestyle6th
Winter X 2010 SBD Slopestyle6th
Winter X 2008 SBD Slopestyle8th
Winter X 2006 SBD Slopestyle9th
Winter X 2006 SBD SuperPipe13th
Winter X 2005 SBD Slopestyle13th
Winter X 2004 SBD Slopestyle9th